Body Dysmorphic Disorder

I knew that starting my new job at DressBarn was going to be awesome, but it was also going to be hard work but I never knew how many women suffer with the same disorder.

Disorder you say!? What do you mean? Yes, most women who come into the store suffer from some kind of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). Let me explain: I am not diagnosing anyone, I am pointing out my observation from working at a woman’s clothing store, that almost all women who come into the store, and stand in front of the mirror, more tines than not, they say something negative. Why? This observation is not based on one certain body type, I hear these negative body comments from women all across the size board, from a size 4 to a size 24.

Why do we continue to put ourselves down? So what if you do not like how a certain shirt or pair of pants looks, that has 100% nothing to do with YOU, it has everything to do with the design, cut, and style of the garment.  So maybe that style of clothing isn’t doing your already perfect body justice, that means its time to move on to the next, step out of your comfort zone just a little…I am not suggesting dive out of your comfort zone if you are not ready, but shopping requires a little bit of open-mindedness.

As a stylist at DressBarn, I am not just there to take clothes you do not want out of the fitting room, or get you a different size; I am there to offer you personalized guidance in finding you a great look that will make you feel confident in your already beautiful skin. My purpose is to give you advice on how I would mix and match pieces, to create a cohesive wardrobe for you.

If there is one thing I cannot stress enough, it is that size REALLY is only a number. I understand that there is a lot of pressure in society to be that size 4 tall woman, but some of us are 5 feet 4 inches on a good hair day and wears a size 14 jean. Just remember; the size 4 woman standing in front of the same exact mirror as as a size 22 woman, they both do not see their bodies the way other people see them.

Outfit for the day, May 19, 2015.

IMG_6143Dress – DressBarn, Shrug – DressBarn


Shoes – Bandolino


Bracelet – DressBarn


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