My Waist Training Experience

About a week ago I decided to try what “all the celebrities are doing” and that was waist training.

In my earlier post, I posted about my first day. Well I have finished my week and a half of waist training and here is what I found:

1. It did not work for me. Maybe I did not wear the correct waist trainer, maybe I did not wear it for enough time per day, I am unsure, but it did not work for me. I think that diet and exercise will take you further than waist training

2. It is SO uncomfortable. If you like to be comfortable throughout your workday, I suggest not waist training or not waist training at work.

3. You will wonder if you have ever had good posture. Waist trainers are good for ONE thing…you will have excellent posture and if you are larger chested like I am, your back aches will become smaller. (obviously will not go away because your chest isn’t going anywhere)

4. If you do start waist training, you will not fit into your current clothes when you wear the waist trainer. One of the more annoying aspects of waist training, I wear dresses to work and NONE of them fit because my waist was smaller. I looked like I was swimming in my clothes.

So whether waist training is in your future plans or not, make sure that you know that, just because it “works” for celebrities, it does not mean that it will work for you.

I would like to know how it worked for you and if you have any tips! Please email me if you have any suggestions or tips, and I would be happy to write about it!


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